What is Google People card, how to create or remove it to Google search?

What is Google People Cards – Friends, have you ever thought that you write your name in Google search and your photo should come as a virtual card with all your details in Google search and the user can see all the information by looking at that profile Is and can contact you. Google has shown all this by using its new feature People Cards, you can do it.

Google is always working to improve the experience of its users, this time Google has brought a new feature with new people cards. Google has launched the ‘people cards’ service for India. 

With the introduction of this feature, users will be allowed to create virtual visiting cards in Google search. Through the Virtual Visiting Card People Card, users will be able to share their website, social media handle and other information in Google search. Through People Cards, users can also create their identity in Google search.

What is Google People card, how to create or remove it to Google search?

What is Google People cards?

people cards is a feature launched by Google through which you can create your public profile in Google.

After testing this feature Google People Cards continuously for the last one and a half years, Google finally launched it in India, this will give you many benefits, which are being mentioned below.

What are the benefits of People Card

Actually people cards are a kind of virtual visiting card. If you create your profile in Google and add your YouTube channel, blog or website or any of your business or shop with your profile, then when people search you on Google then your That profile will be seen in front of them.

Then people will visit your site by clicking on the link of YouTube channel blog website or your business in your profile, then you will get a lot of traffic.

And if you have added any of your business or shop to that profile, have given the address of the shop or have given the contact number, then this will give a big boost to your business.

It means to say that you will create your public profile on Google through people cards, in that profile you will add your YouTube or website or address of your shop, then when people search you, it will show the entire profile in front of them.

And then your YouTube channel or website or business or shop will grow rapidly, then here we will teach people cards by going to add me to search and create your profile.

How to add Google People Cards to Google Search

To create a People Cards profile on Google, you need to log in to your Google email account on your mobile device. Furthermore, this feature is currently available only in English. The purpose of this new feature of Google is to provide a platform to millions of users, influencers, entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers, on which they can identify themselves as well as reach people across India in English, People Card on their mobile phones. Can be made

Creating a People Card is very easy, for this the user has to have his own Google account, after that you have to search ‘add me to search’. After doing this, you will get the option of ‘add yourself to google search’.

Tap on this message add yourself to google search. After tapping, Google will ask for your phone number. The number has to be verified with a 6-digit code that will appear on the entered mobile number. 

After this, Google will give you a form. In this, you will have to provide the necessary information to create a public profile. Here you get the facility to enter many details besides your work, studies.

Through this service, Google is trying to convey the right information to the public. To prevent misuse of people card, the company has given the facility to create a single people card for an account.

Source : Google

Friends, if you want to list yourself in Google search and want to promote and disseminate your name as a brand, then you should take advantage of Google People cards and make your Google People Card as soon as possible.

Manage your people card on Google Search

You can edit and change what’s shared in your people card at any time. You can manage your people card from search results or from your Google Search contributions page.

Important: This feature is available in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, for users that have their set language to English. This feature isn’t available yet on desktop.

Edit your people card

  1. Go to google.com.
  2. Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account.
  3. Search for edit my people card.
  4. At the top right of your people card, tap Edit Edit.

On your mobile device, you can always find your card when you search for your name on Google. Other information in your Google Account is available in the “About me” page.

For some people, the “About me” page won’t show some card information. While we work to fix this, you can find and change your card information when you search for your card through Google.

Add or remove your contact info

Important: Any contact info that you add to your people card will be displayed publicly.

  1. Go to google.com.
  2. Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account.
  3. Search for edit my people card.
  4. At the top right of your people card, tap Edit Edit.
  5. Edit your contact info.
    • To add your contact info, enter the contact info you want to share publicly.
    • To remove your contact info, delete your contact info and leave the field blank.
  6. At the bottom, tap Preview.
  7. If you’re satisfied with your card, tap Save.

Remove your people card

  1. Go to google.com.
  2. Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account.
  3. Search for edit my people card.
  4. To remove your card and its content from search results, tap Remove my search card from Google.

How secure is People Cards?

To make sure people find reliable and helpful information, the tech giant has put together several protections and controls. It has also added safeguard mechanisms to protect against offensive content.
There is a feedback button with the help of which users can identify and report low-quality information or a card that they believe was created by an impersonator.
For people looking to find someone on Search with their name, the card will be available. There will be a module with the name, profession and location which users can tap to see their card.

For people who share the same name, the Search will show multiple modules. The unique information will help users distinguish between different individuals to find accurate information.

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