What is Podcast ? What Makes a Good Podcast and How to Make Money from it

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I would like to tell you that Podcast is going to be a next level thing in India. Because it is spreading slowly in India.

Podcasts are very popular in Many Developed countries like US, UK, Australiya etc. There is also a lot of competition in it. But this is a new thing in India, in this you will get very less competition.

Podcast is going to be very bright in Future India. For this reason, many Bussinesses have started promoting their Bussiness through Podcasts. Let’s take some basic information about Podcasts.

In today’s article, I will tell you what is Podcasting , and how you can earn money just by speaking with the help of Podcasting. Keep reading this article to know all this. so let’s talk a little bit about it.

What is Podcast, What Makes a Good Podcast and How to Make Money from it

What is Podcast and Podcasting?

Any content which is in the form of audio, we call that content as Podcast. For example, the article you are reading is in written form. Similarly, podcasts are in audio form.

In other words, say, ” You can share any information or content with many people through your audio. You can provide them with some value. “

When we upload a podcast on a platform where people listen to that podcast, this thing is called podcasting. You can also consider Podcasting as your own Radio Station.

There are many websites on the internet that upload podcast media files in addition to articles and videos, which the user can download and listen to on their computer or other audio player by downloading from the website. This process is called podcasting. And the person who prepares this type of audio file is called a podcaster.

History of Podcast

In October 2000, the concept of attaching sound and video files in RSS feeds was proposed in a draft by Tristan Louis. The idea was implemented by Dave Winer, a software developer and an author of the RSS format.

“Podcast” is a portmanteau, a combination of “iPod” and “broadcast”. The term “podcasting” was first suggested by The Guardian columnist and BBC journalist Ben Hammersley, who invented it in early February 2004 while writing an article for The Guardian newspaper. 

The term was first used in the audio blogging community in September 2004, when Danny Gregoire introduced it in a message to the iPodder-dev mailing list, from where it was adopted by Adam Curry. Despite the etymology, the content can be accessed using any computer or similar device that can play media files. Use of the term “podcast” predated Apple’s addition of formal support for podcasting to the iPod, or its iTunes software.

Other names for podcasting include “net cast”, intended as a vendor-neutral term without the loose reference to the Apple iPod. This name is used by shows from the TWiT.tv network. Some sources have also suggested the backronym “portable on demand” or “POD”, for similar reasons.

How To Start Podcasting?

First of all you will need a computer and internet connection for this work. After that, you can record your audio on the Audacity website by going to the online internet. (Note- Other websites also offer such facilities). 

Once you have recorded the media file, you can download it and put it on your website. Or by saving (host) the file on an online external server, you can also put a link to it on your website so that there is not much load of data on your website. (Note- Internet archive is the best option for hosting a file on an external web server).

You will need also a platform to upload the podcast. Many such platforms are available in the market, such as

You can upload your podcast on these wake ups. If you have a WordPress blog, then you install a Plugin in it, named Seriously Simple Podcasting.

Download Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin

With the help of this plugins you can store your podcasts in your web hosting . You can post in your blog like a normal post.

Now you will also need a good microphone to record Podcast. If you have a Smartphone that has a good mic, you can start podcasting it too. Otherwise you purchase an external mic.

I use Boya M1 Personally, its audio quality is very good, on the side you can use it in your mobile too, if you want you can buy this mic from Amazon right now.

Buy Now Boya M1 on Amazon

If you want, you can increase your information further by taking help of mediums like YouTube and Wikipedia in this regard. You can download the Audacity App from the link given below.

Free, open source, cross-platform audio software

The Benefits of Podcasting

1. Brand Building

If your podcast will be interesting then people will come to your website again and again to listen to your podcast. Which will build your a brand.

2. Earn Money


When the userbase of listeners listening to your podcasting will be very high, only then you can earn through sponsorships. This method is quite easy and good.

You just have to tell your Audience about a product and in return you will get money.

For example- If you listen to your Podcasts 1000, then you can comfortably charge $ 10- $ 15 per sponsorship.

Monthly Subscription Model

You can Paid your Podcasts. Like you keep some 10 Podcasts free and after that you can tell your listeners that, if you want to listen to the podcasts ahead, you can buy Monthly Subscription from me.

Now suppose that you are charging 100 rupees per month for your podcasts and 300 people have taken your subscriptions, then your earning will be something like this.

300×100=  ₹30,000

This model is more profitable. But you will get Reach limited in it. To say that if you want to make your name, then this model is not for you.

3. User Engagement

If you have a blog or website, then you can double your user engagement with the help of Podcast.

There is also the benefit of podcasting that visitors will spend more time on your blog, which will also make your SEO better.

If you have decided to start Podcasting then I have some tips and tricks which will help you to grow your Podcasting Business.

Always try to make your podcast interesting, you may want to see that 2 people talk in the podcast.

You always have to record podcasts for your listeners and not for your own benefit.

You interview some big people in your podcast, from which you will also get an exposure, people will also start to know you.

Scope Of Podcasting In India

Podcasting in India is in a very nascent condition, despite this graph, there are many active bloggers in India.

If the future of Podcasting is seen then it is bright.

How To Make Money With Podcasting?

Can You Make Money With Podcasting? Yes, you can earn money by podcasting, for this, all you have to do is create a podcast in a good field, after which you can make money, it is not that you made a podcast today and from tomorrow you will earn money from it. , No…

Friends there is not shortcut ways to earn money, and if some people feel like this, then they will know themselves after some time.

Ways to Make Money with Podcasting

Sponsorship :

If your podcasts are very famous then you can also get sponsorships.

Make Chargeable podcasts:

If your podcasts are valuable then you can also do this so that you can give 10 podcasts starting for free and also charge to watch the rest of the podcasts.

Best Free Podcast Platform: Anchor.Fm

This Anchor.fm which is very popular in recent times. If you want to start Podcast from your mobile or tablet, then for this you have to download Podcasting Apps after which you can start Podcasting . This Anchor Fm mobile app for Android and iOS can be very useful for you.

Anchor for Android

Anchor for iOS (Apple)

If you create a podcast using the mobile app, then you will get ease, in Anchor Fm you will get a lot of options, by creating podcasts, whatever popular podcast platforms are there, they are published for free.

On Anchor.fm you just have to sign up. After this you can easily add your podcasts there.

If you have a YouTube video of yourself, then you can convert it to video to mp3 and add your audio file there too. Meaning that your content will easily reach many people. And your brand rich will also increase.

In the description of your podcast, you can also give the URL of any blog / site / YouTube channel.

And the great advantage of this anchor.fm is that those with anchor.fm will automatically share all your podcasts on big podcast platforms like Spotify , google podcasts and apple podcasts .

Features Of Anchor.Fm

  • Unlimited free hosting
  • One-click distribution
  • Monetize your podcast
  • Podcast with friends
  • Straightforward analytics
  • Record from anywhere
  • Editing tools

Which topic to create podcast

If you still do not understand on which topic to make Podcast, then below are some tips. You should select the same topic on which you can create your podcast. In which you have interest and good information because you can explain the topic of your interest well. If people benefit from the podcasts you create, they will follow you and this will increase your audience.

  • Motivational
  • Love Story
  • News
  • Technology
  • Life Hacks
  • Personal
  • Entertainment

So now you must have known about what is a Podcast. Let me tell you that podcasting can also earn money, although the number of listeners is very small at this time, but the podcasts are coming. Because in Google too, most people are searching by speaking and the effort of Google remains the same, they should also be given answers by speaking i.e. in audio form. In such a situation, if you start podcasting now, then you will get a good result in the future.

Source: Quora, How2trick, wikipedia


Friends, if you feel that you can provide value to people just by speaking, then Podcasting is for you. You have to keep your podcast always interesting so that your userbase can be bigger.

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