What is SSL Certificate How does it Work? Fully Explained

What is SSL Certificate How does it Work: Around 4.57 Billion people internet do it worldwide. One of whom watches videos, gives an exam, writes blogs or studies. Today we will tell you complete information about What is SSL certificate, how does it work and where to buy it. Online purchases and on almost one of every 3 websites, we have to give some of our personal details such as name, address, mobile number, debit card details, credit card details etc. in order to proceed or use its services.

Most of the people put all this information without any thought to use any website. Many websites collect all this information from you only so that they can sell their data to marketing compnies. And we give them that information for free. Whereas before doing this, we should take a lot of thought, because there is no lack of people doing the right thing for internet (What is SSL Certificate), so the number of people doing it wrong is the same.

What is SSL Certificate

What is SSL Certificate?

By the way, if you do not take precautions while running the Internet, then you will be fraudulently. Just like you must have heard in newspapers in TV or through some other medium that online fraud is increasing. Even countries with better technology have not survived it. And even well-educated people become victims of this easily, so it is very important for you to have some knowledge for your safety. 

What is SSL Certificate let’s know

What is SSL Certificate: The full form of SSL is Secure Socket Layer . Simply put, SSL Certificate is an encryption protocol that encrypts the communication between your browser and website through an algorithm so that it cannot be read directly. Any website owner can install SSL Certificate (What is SSL Certificate) on their website, for this they have to pay some charge annually.

The easiest thing you can do is that whenever you put your personal details or payment details online on a website, then it starts with HTTPS and not just HTTP . The one that starts with HTTPS is the SSL secured website (What is SSL Certificate). And that will only happen with HTTP is unsecured. Perhaps you may not have understood what HTTPS , HTTP is. Let us understand this in detail. 

It has many advantages such as your customers who put data on your website or pay, their data becomes secure from the attack of hackers. Second, it gains the trust of users on your website. Users feel that you are aware of the security of your customer. SSL Certificate (What is SSL Certificate) is unique for every website. And has different encryption levels.

What is SSL Certificate How does it Work?

How does SSL work?

First You must know what is SSL? So let’s know how it works? The SSL certificate uses two types of keys; One is Public key and the other is Private key.

Together these two keys form a secure connection through which data is shared securely.

When we have to know something about a subject or have to buy something, we write the name of a website in our web browser . After that the web browser connects with the server of the website which is using SSL protocol.

The user requests the server of that website from his browser to give his identity. After requesting, the web server sends a copy of its SSL certificate to a public key browser.

After that the user checks the certificate so that the user can decide whether he can trust him to share his private data with that website. After checking, when the user decides to trust him, he again sends an encrypt message to his server.

The web server decrypt that encrypt message, after which it sends an acknowledgment to the browser that SSL encryption is started with the user, after that the user’s private data is exchanged between the browser and the web server securely which is completely remains confidential. 

What is SSL Certificate How does it Work? Let’s understand in detail

When you make online payment or enter any sensitive information on any website, it is very important to have SSL (What is SSL Certificate) on that website. Because when you make online payment, you enter the information of your debit or credit card, then it reaches the bank server in the form of data packets via the Internet through your browser.

If a user clicks on the lock picture that appears in the address bar, then from there the website that the user is viewing shows the SSL certification, identification and all other information of the website to the user. Every website has a unique SSL certificate.

With SSLhttps://yoursite.com
Without SSLhttp://yoursite.com

SSL is also known as TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. It can be used not only in website but also in e-mail and in all other places.

If a person is running an e-commerce site then it is very important to use SSL because all their information is taken to make payment from the customer in this site.

Why is SSL needed?

If the SSL Certificate is not installed (What is SSL Certificate) on the website, then the information you enter goes in plain text only. Hackers take advantage of this. By capturing data packets transferring from your wifi or mobile Internet, they steal sensitive information.

And you can easily do transactions without having your Debit card. You don’t even know how it happened. So whenever you make a payment, you should definitely pay attention that an SSL certificate is installed on that website. 

Why is SSL needed?

Websites that use SSL have a domain name (eg https://yoursite.com) attached to it with a picture of a closed lock that appears in our Internet browser url and is written https instead of http With the domain name, it shows that the website is completely secure.

Types of ssl

SSL is of many types and varies from website to website. Some are cheap and some are expensive. Let’s know about them.

1. Wildcard SSL Certificate

With the help of this SSL Certificate, you can provide security to your domain and all sub-domains. Here you get domain and organization validation.

2. Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate

With a Multi-Domain SSL help, you can keep 250 domains secure. Here you get Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation.

3. EV SSL Certificate

This SSL is made for your business, which along with greening the address bar of the web browser , also shows your businesss name. It is a highly recognized and encrypted SSL certificate.

4. Domain validated SSL

Most bloggers and small websites use it. It provides medium level protection.

5. Organization Validation SSL

It is used to verify and provide protection to online business. This lets the costumer know that they are visiting a secure and verified website.

6. Code Signing Certificate

With the help of this, you can keep the code of your software safe. Along with this, it also provides security to your files and applications.

7. Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you want to secure many domains and all their sub-domains simultaneously, you can use it. It has the ability to keep 250 domains and all their sub-domains secure.

Where to buy SSL?

Many big companies provide SSL service, some of them are named – GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator etc. When we buy a hosting server for our website, then that hosting company also provides SSL service where we can buy hosting certificate as well as SSL certificate for our website which will keep our website secure.

If we buy SSL certificate from the given companies, then we have to fill the amount given to it, only then we will be able to take full advantage of it. But there are also many companies that provide SSL services for free.

One of them is Let’s Encrypt, a project of the Internet Research Group that provides SSL certificate to the common people for free. Let’s Encrypt is sponsored by many companies like Google, Facebook , Mozilla, Cisco, etc.

History of ssl

Friends SSL version 1.0 was introduced by Netscape in the 1990s. But it was never released due to some security flaws. In February 1995, SSL’s first public release was SSL 2.0. While SSL 2.0 also had its own security flaws. Due to which it was redesign again and released a year later as SSL 3.0.

SSL 3.0 was used a lot, but SSL 3.0 is also not considered secure after a Poodle attack. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is currently an updated and more secure version of SSL. The final version of TLS is TLS 1.3. Which was published in August 2018.

In this article, What is SSL, how does it work and where to buy it? If you want some more information related to SSL, you can comment below.

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