What Is The #1 Esport in The World?

Society attaches great importance to sports. Some people go in for sports all their lives and become high-level professionals; others do not want to move beyond amateur training. Accordingly, for some, it is a hobby; for others, it is a real necessity. In addition, the sports industry is gradually becoming an entertainment industry. For ordinary people, sports events are compared mainly with traditional sports such as football, hockey, biathlon, etc. But there is another sports area – esport, which is often described in the cybersport news.

Definition of Esport and Most Common Genres of Esport Disciplines

Esport (cybersport) is a mental and physical gaming competition that is held using computer technology, and a computer simulates the virtual space within which the competition takes place. In esport news, it is often defined as a sport within and through cyberspace.

The most common esport disciplines are:

  1. Real-time strategy (RTS), for example, StarCraft and WarCraft III;
  2. Fighting cybersport games, for example, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter;
  3. First-person shooters (FPS), for example, Quake and Counter-Strike;
  4. Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), for example, League of Legends and DoTA 2;
  5. Sports simulators, for example, FIFA.

Broadcasts are conducted at all professional competitions of electronic sports. Matches are broadcast, and the winners are awarded a large amount of money. Professional cyber athletes receive a fixed salary.

Dota 2 – The #1 Cybersport Game in The World

There are many interesting cybersports today, but according to the last esport news, Dota 2 is the #1 esport game in the world. This multiplayer team-based game was developed by Valve Corporation and announced on October 13, 2010. A characteristic feature of this genre of computer games is a combination of elements typical of role-playing games and real-time strategy games. Such a synthesis of game genres is extremely curious for many players. Dota 2 is an independent continuation of the Dota modification map for Warcraft ΙΙΙ.

In this strategy game, a virtual battle takes place on one map. Inside the game, there is a division by roles and geolocation. The course and development of the game will largely depend on the position chosen by the player.

By its structure, the game is a battle between two teams, each of which has 5 players. Gamers fight on two opposite sides, “The Radiant” and “The Dire.” Each player controls one character from a specific list of different heroes that differ in their own characteristics. During the match, characters can become stronger, and get new abilities and equipment. The ultimate goal is to destroy the main building of the enemy team with the help of both player-controlled heroes and computer-controlled creatures.

According to the international esport news, the biggest winners in Dota 2 history are Team Spirit. Despite the fact that the team was not among the favorites of the tournament, the guys won The International 10, which took place in October 2021, and received the largest prize pool in the history of esport in the amount of $18 million. Go to the esport news website iggpcgames.com and get more up-to-date information on the topic.

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