What is VPN ? How to Use VPN | Best VPN Services for Smartphone and PC

Today we will know that in this article  what is VPN and how does it work? Android / iOS smartphone users are increasing all over the world. 

On the Internet, we search for things throughout the day, such as online transactions, downloading movies and musics, as well as giving your personal details to sign in on websites. But it is very dangerous to share your personal details on the internet, because the world of Internet is full of Fraud people, who can steal your personal details and even use them incorrectly.

What is VPN | How to Use VPN | Best VPN services in Hindi

While working on the internet, we often see that there are many websites which have been blocked by the government, you cannot open that website, but if you still want to open that website, then you use VPN Can go to that site.

Now the question may have come in your mind that this What is VPN? So do not think much, I know what is VPN in this post , how to use VPN?

about how I can use VPN ,I am going to give you details in detail about what are the benefits of VPN . You can read this post completely to know about VPN .

VPN kya hai | How to Use VPN | Best VPN services in Hindi

What is VPN?

VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network is one such Network Technology network that works to convert unsecured networks into secure networks. Also helps to hide the actual location and identity of the user. 

VPN keeps your identity completely confidential. And prevents your data from being hacked. It also protects your rights to Freedom of internet. And allow you to access restricted services and websites. 

In this, the network company gives you an ip address and password so that you can use this network from anywhere in the world.

Let me tell you that your data from VPN is not only safe, but you can also use it to visit or visit the websites which have been blocked by the government.

Types of VPN 

Remote access VPN : A remote access VPN securely connects a device outside the corporate office. 

Site-to-site VPN : A site-to-site VPN connects the corporate office to branch offices over the Internet.

Use of VPN service

Most of the big companies use VPN network or big websites use it so that they can secure their data and no hacker can hack the data and hack it.

VPN service is mostly used by online working merchants, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations such as people to protect their important data from unauthorized users.

How does Internet work? – How INTERNET Works?

When you enter the URL of a website in your browser, press Enter. So first your request goes to your ISP ie Internet Service Provider . 

Where all your details like Online Identity, Device ID, Location and Data Request are checked. And then you are connected to the server of that website. 

After that whatever data is exchanged between you and that website is all through ISP. In this case, none of your data remains confidential.

Apart from this, your network is also not completely secure. So that every moment there is a risk of data theft. 

Restriction is also a major problem. Which prevents you from accessing Blocked Websites . Overall you have to deal with problems like Freedom, Privacy and Security. 

But VPN is the solution to all these problems. Because the functioning of VPN is completely different. how? Let’s try to understand.

How does VPN work? 

Knowing how VPN works after knowing VPN Kya Hai is also important. The work of VPN is to provide a private network to the user so that the user’s data, whether it is important or not, remains safe. VPN generates an IP address for the user and when no one has our original IP address, no one can even trace us.

Whenever you open a website on the Internet, vpn first activates the IP address, which is completely different from your original IP address. If you use VPN, this IP address will change as long as you are using vpn.
How VPN works
The vpn provider passes the data you access through different servers and encrypts it, which further strengthens your security.

If your server is from India, then you can select your server in another country using VPN, which will change your IP address and no hacker, website, Internet Service Provider will be able to trace your data or your information. .

What are the benefits of VPN? Advantage of VPN 

VPN has many advantages from a user point of view But it is not possible to mention everyone here. That is why I will only talk about some benefits, which are the most important. And every VPN user needs to know about them. So, let’s know  Advantages of VPN: –


People who are always concerned about their privacy. VPN is a very good option for them. Because the VPN hides the actual location and identity of the user. Also hide its IP address. So that he can do his work by remaining completely anonymous. That is, which website did he visit? What did you see there? What did you download? No one knows this.


It increases online security – when it comes to online safety, then browsing the Internet through VPN is really very secure, it protects your web data very well. In other languages, then having a strong antivirus and a standard firewall, as well as a VPN, adds an extra layer to our security.

Bypass Restriction

The VPN allows access to restricted services by bypassing the restrictions imposed by the ISP. Also bypasses Geographical Restrictions. With which you can also access websites which are restricted in your country. Like any one helps you see Shows.

Freedom of Internet

For those who believe in freedom of Internet, VPN is nothing less than a boon. Because VPN prevents censorship. And helps in using internet with complete independence.

What are the disadvantages of VPN? Disadvantage of VPN 

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of VPN.
  • Most reliable VPNs are not free.
  • Difficulty in choosing a good VPN.
  • Not all available VPNs can be trusted – it would be better if you use reputable, trustworthy VPNs and do a lot of research in advance.
  • Sometimes VPNs can be more complex.
  • Many people believe that no one can catch them by using VPN, but you cannot hide yourself completely wrong because your data is present in the VPN server.
  • Many free VPN services can also misuse your data because they have complete details of what you have accessed.
  • The biggest disadvantage of VPN is that by using it, the hackers are able to hide their identity to some extent.
  • If you are running internet using VPN then you will get slow speed because another server gets connected between you and Google which we call VPN server.

How to use VPN in Hindi?

How to use VPN in mobile

If you want to use VPN in your Android Phone, then you can download the application mentioned from Google Play Store, it is very easy to use after downloading and installing the application.

Whenever you open these applications, first you have to select the server of another country, and after vpn on, you can go to vpn mode and access the website on the Internet.

How to connect VPN to computer

VPN can also be used manually in computer, for which you will need username, IP address and password, you can also use VPN for free and can also get its paid service. 

I am going to tell you how to buy VPN from opera, which is considered safe and very secure, with a step. 

1. Download software 

First of all you have to download and install opera developer software on your computer or laptop. 

2. App setting

After this you have to open the app and go to the menu and click on Settings.

3. Privacy and security

In Settings, you have to go to privacy and click on VPN. 

 4. Select enable VPN

As soon as you click on VPN, there will be some options in it, you have to select enable VPN.

5. On/off VPN

You will see VPN written near the browser, here you can turn VPN on / off and also change the location.

The Best VPN Service for 2020

Now the question comes to choose the best VPN. So you will know that there are many VPNs in the market at the moment. And everyone has their own specialties. But all you have to see is whether you are getting the service you are paying for? If you get it then at what cost? Compare between different VPNs and choose the most economical VPN service. Also information about Device Competibility, Server Locations and VPN Protocol is also required.

Top-10 VPNs In 2020

Well, now let’s talk about the top 10 VPNs that are offering the best service at the moment.

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN Overall
  2. NordVPN – Best Encryption
  3. Surfshark – Best VPN for Torrenting
  4. CyberGhost – Best VPN for Mac
  5. IPVanish – Best VPN for Android
  6. Private Internet Access – Best VPN for Windows 
  7. Tunnelbear – Best Free VPN
  8. Windscribe – Best VPN with Double Hop  
  9. Encrypt.me – Best VPN with Unlimited Devices
  10. Hotspot Shield – Best VPN for Netflix

Why should not use free VPN

Now you must know what is VPN and  VPN Kaise Use Kare?  They will also want to know whether it should be used or not. 

Both free and paid VPN service have your data, whatever you access like logging in Gmail ID or entering the username and password related to the bank, all these details are in your VPN server

More than half of the free VPN service in the Internet itself works to hack you, so if you are accessing any personal thing or bank related information, then you should not use a free VPN. 

To access information related to any personal thing or bank, you should always use the VPN provided by the big company.


I hope you have got VPN Kya Hai / What is vpn in Hindi, vpn Kaise Use Kare and all the information related to it. If you liked this information, then definitely share it with your friends. If you have any question related to VPN  , then you can ask in the Comment or put your opinion.

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